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Musicians are a smart breed. Many of us, beyond having put together some musical know-how, have also gotten pretty good with computers and can use them to record. Some of us have taken that one step further and can do lots of other stuff with computers too, and some of us not so much. One […]

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Why You Should Bother Learning Music Theory

When I was a teenager and contemplating studying music at the university level, the rhythm guitarist of the band I was in at the time admonished me, “Don’t go to school for music, man, you will lose your creative spark!” My friend was afraid that being able to intellectualize the music would prevent me from […]

Four Major Scale Forms for Guitar

We have been talking a lot about major scales and their use as improvisation tools. Here are four fingerings for major scales for the guitar. Learning these allows us to cover the entire neck of the instrument with the notes in any key. Notice that two of the forms begin on string six and two […]

Slow Down The Music – Transcribe With Ease

Today’s software allows you a leg up on transcribing. Slow down any music without changing pitch! You can learn all the scales and arpeggios you want, and spend hours learning to play them up, down, inside out and fast. But that is not going to make you a great improviser. Especially true of jazz and […]

How Do I Know What Chords Are In A Key?

We have discussed major scales and keys, and we have learned that chords come from these keys. We know about triads, which are the simple three-note chords which have names like “Major,” “minor” and “diminished.” In a previous lesson, we went through a fairly complicated step-by-step process of listing all the triads we could find […]

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We are having a blast with this new site, and putting up new information every day. We hope y’all are finding it helpful, the plan is keep at it until there is nothing left to learn from each other! We here at FretFinger are curious what our readers would like to know about, so please […]

Chord Construction: Naming the Triads

The last couple installments of our little discussion of the nature of chords dealt with triads. We learned what they are, and we learned that many of these three-note chords originate from our major scales. If you didn’t catch the last two posts titled “Where Do Chords Come From? (Part 1), (Part 2) I suggest […]

Where Do Chords Come From? (Part Two)

This lesson deals with triads, which are three-note chords. These simple chord structures have already been introduced in the previous lesson, “Where Do Chords Come From? (Part One)” Up to this point you should have obtained a basic understanding of major scales and keys, sharps and flats, half-steps and whole-steps, and you should know what […]

Where Do Chords Come From? (Part 1)

If you have an understanding of major scales and keys and how they are formed, you are ready to begin learning about chord construction. I like to begin teaching this stuff with a little anecdote.  As a child I was fascinated by all things musical. When I was growing up we did not have a […]